Resources and support

Resources and support

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São Paulo Freshers' Event

Resources and support for Freshers' Events organisers

The University Alumni Engagement team and Cambridge in America offer a wide range of resources to support organisers in the running of their Freshers' Events, including:

Organisers are welcome to contact the appropriate team with any questions. 

Eligibility for support

In order for your event to be registered and supported, we ask that you:

  • observe the mandatory guidelines
  • submit your attendee data within two weeks of the event
  • endeavour to respond promptly to our messages
  • deputise the event organiser role to another Group member to cover any periods of unavailability

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Event registration

Please register your event event before either the first or final deadline.

Event promotion

Once registered, your event will be promoted, as outlined on the event promotion page. Ideas for how you can promote the event are also available on this page.

Online booking system

Recognised Alumni Groups can use Development and Alumni Relations’ free online booking system for managing attendee bookings. The system offers attendees a simple way of booking a place at the event and enables organisers to:

  • keep track of bookings
  • export booking information for the purpose of creating a registration list and name stickers or badges for the event
  • log attendance after the event

Please indicate on the event registration form if you would like to use the system.

Alternative options for managing bookings for organisers of unrecognised Groups and those not wishing to use the system, are available on the tips for a successful event page.

Alumni Groups Award Scheme

If your Group would like to host a Freshers’ Event, but is unable to do so due to a shortage of funds, why not consider applying to the Alumni Groups Award Scheme for a one-off grant to subsidise event costs? The Scheme is administered by the Alumni Engagement team, with applications being reviewed and awarded by the Networks and Volunteers Working Group. Please contact the appropriate team for details.

Volunteer recruitment

The vast majority of attendees tell us in their feedback that speaking to current students is by far the best thing about Freshers’ Events and the main incentive for going. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that you invite current students and recent graduates, from a variety of Colleges and courses, to mingle with attendees.

Help to recruit current student and recent graduate volunteers is available from the Alumni Engagement team, to organisers who register their events before the first deadline

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Branded event supplies

Recognised Alumni Groups can order University of Cambridge branded event supplies, known as a 'Party in a box', free of charge, to help create a stronger sense of Cambridge at the event. Simply complete an order form and email it to the Alumni Engagement team.

'Party in a box' menu:

  • 'Alumni volunteer' and 'Student volunteer' badges
  • sheets of blank stickers for name badges
  • napkins and paper cups
  • banners and bunting
  • table flags and paper flags
  • pens
  • orientation leaflets

Event templates

Organisers are invited to use the event templates below:

Student numbers for your area

Applicant data for 2019–20: if you would like to know how many new students from your Group’s general area have applied to Cambridge for entry in 2019-20, please contact the appropriate team and we will ask the appropriate University office for the data. Requests are dealt with case-by-case and the provision of data is not guaranteed and could be limited. The summer period is an exceptionally busy time for admissions staff, therefore please give plenty of notice and anticipate a delayed response.

New entrant and current student data for the last three years: visit the Planning and Resource Allocation Office website to track how many students from your country go to Cambridge year-on-year. Stats are updated annually in March and go back three years. Groups in larger countries and the UK should note that data is presented by country only, and is not broken down further, such as by city, state, region or postcode, and might therefore be of limited use.

      Attendee feedback

      On receipt of your attendee registration form after the event, the Alumni Engagement team will contact your event attendees for their feedback. They will be invited to share what went well and to provide suggestions for next times. Feedback will be shared with organisers before the end of December, in good time for planning next year's events.

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