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One Million Insects cover
Isabel Thomas (Homerton 2018)

Did you know that without insects, humankind could not survive? This illustrated, fact-filled title helps young readers explore the huge variety of insects, with a focus on what makes an insect an insect, the differences between taxonomic groups, and why the million species of insects identified so far are the most important group of animals on Earth.

Traitor King pre-publication cover
Andrew Lownie (Magdalene 1981)

Traitor King, by Sunday Times bestselling author Andrew Lownie, looks at the years following the abdication of Edward VIII when the former king was kept in exile, feuding with his family over status for his wife, Wallis Simpson, and denied any real job.

Drawing on extensive research into hitherto unused archives and Freedom of Information requests, it makes the case that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were not the naïve dupes of the Germans but actively intrigued against Britain in both war and peace.

Felt cover
Johanna Emeney (Pembroke 1993)

The third book of poetry by international-prize-winning poet, Johanna Emeney, this is a collection about friendship, nature and the student-teacher relationship.

Creating the world we want to live in cover
Felicia Huppert (Darwin 1968) and co-authors

How to act wisely to address personal, collective and global challenges and create a fairer, more sustainable world is the theme of newly released book Creating The World We Want To Live In: How Positive Psychology Can Build a Brighter Future.

Flamethrower cover
Bryan Mark Rigg (Darwin 1996)

Late in the Pacific War, as Americans were fighting their way to the home islands of the Japanese Empire, one of the fiercest battles of World War II was raging. The Japanese had created, perhaps, the best defended area anywhere on an island called Iwo Jima. Days into the bloody battle, casualties were high on both sides. United States Marines were taking an awful pounding out in the open from enemy-fortified positions.

The Race cover
Guillermo Ramírez Sneberger (Pembroke 2016)

We all run a race that is not taught at schools and rarely within our families, where it is usually a trial-and-error process that may lead few people where they want to go while most struggle daily to figure it out, called life. How are you running yours? After reading this book you will discover that, You do not have to be N° 1 to be successful. Luck is irrelevant when mastering a tailored-made self. Achieving an integral balanced life is just the execution of a strategy. There are three major races we all run in life that impact most of our balance.

Gothick cover image
Ian Lewis (Fitzwilliam 1972)

It's 1812. When her father is killed, fourteen year old Jane, known as Suri, is sent from her home in India to relatives in England. But there she doesn't find the quiet life that was planned for her. Kidnapped for her inherited fortune by her grandmother, she escapes, only to become involved with anti-British freedom-fighters from her home country, the Punjab. Where do her loyalties lie now? With England, country of her father? Or the Punjab, the country she knows best, where her friends are, and where she grew up?
For children and adults age 11+.

Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs
Nigel Crisp (St John's 1970)

The NHS has been fighting for our lives for the last few weeks and months. Throwing all its resources at the COVID-19 pandemic. The millions of health and care workers involved have been magnificent and we must resource them better for the future.

Product Realization: Going from one to a million
Anna Thornton (Queens' 1990)

Most of the literature on product realization is scattered in blogs, individual chapters of books, and internal company documents. Until now, there has been no single text that covers the whole launch process from end-to-end. The challenge of product realization is the interactions between the various activities and deliverables. Product Realization is based on first-hand experience with many companies comprising different sizes, technologies, and product development timelines.

Late Night Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis cover
Jon Key (Sidney Sussex 1993)

This book is written for anyone who was affected by the COVID-19 crisis – which is to say, everyone on the planet! Reflection is important to moving forward, and we all have much to reflect on since the virus first struck.

Whether you are leading a business, working as an employee, playing a role on the front line, or are simply an observer of the decisions that businesses, governments, and individuals are making, this book is intended to help you to reflect on the recent past and apply the lessons to the future.