Event promotion

Event promotion

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Maine Freshers' Event

How your event will be promoted

Once registered, your event will be promoted by the Alumni Engagement team, as determined by the date it was registered:

  • events registered by deadline one will be fully promoted, as outlined on this page
  • events registered by deadline two will only be listed on the Freshers’ Events web page and promoted on Facebook


Your event will be listed on the Freshers’ Events web page and adverts promoting the Freshers' Events series will be:

  • posted to the main Cambridge Facebook pages and groups for offer holders and freshers (example)
  • published on the University's arrival and new undergraduates web pages


College Admissions and Tutorial Offices will be asked to promote Freshers' Events in their welcome information to incoming students. The following individuals and teams will also be contacted to promote the series:

  • Schools Liaison Officers (also known as Area Links)
  • Communications Offices
  • Alumni and Development Offices
  • JCRs and MCRs

International Student Office

If you are hosting an event outside the UK that is registered by deadline 1, the International Student Office will send a direct invitation to your event to incoming postgraduates from the country in which the event is taking place. Additionally, an advert promoting the Freshers' Events series will be placed in the International Student Guide.

Across the University

A number of student-facing teams will be asked to promote the events, including:

How you can promote your event

Organisers can also promote their Freshers' Events and some suggestions for doing so are listed below.

Please do not contact the Colleges directly to promote your event, as they do not have capacity to respond to individual Groups. The Colleges request all contact is made via the Alumni Engagement team

  • facebook: Facebook is the go-to place for students, so be sure to use it to promote your event by creating a public event posting. Additionally, there are many Cambridge Facebook groups for new and continuing students that you can search for and then join, message or post to in order to promote your event. If your Group does not have a Facebook account then now is a great time to get one up-and-running. You might like to visit another Group’s page for inspiration; the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India’s page is a good example
  • previous attendees and volunteers: if you have hosted a Freshers’ Event before, why not ask previous attendees and volunteers (such as current students and recent graduates) to promote your event? You could also invite them along
  • local schools and colleges: you can ask the schools and colleges in your Group’s region or city to promote your event to students with an offer or confirmed place. If you would like assistance with writing a letter for this purpose, please contact the appropriate team. UK Groups can email the Alumni Engagement team for the addresses of the schools and colleges in your area and seek assistance from the Schools Liaison Officer for your area. Think about the timing of your letters to schools and colleges. For UK schools, summer is not a good time because of exams in May and June. Over the summer holiday, the head teacher is often away and the general focus will be on results and university places. Contacting head teachers after offers are made (in mid to late January) and before May, is likely to be better

Sharing student data for direct invitations

The Alumni Engagement team and Cambridge in America are sometimes asked by organisers for the names and contact details of incoming students from their country or region for the purpose of the Group sending personal and direct invitations to them. University data protection policy prevents us from obtaining student data to pass to Groups for this purpose, nor does it permit us to send direct invitations to students on behalf of Groups.