Key contacts and dates

Key contacts and dates

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Bangalore Freshers' Event

Key contacts

Freshers' Events organisers are welcome to contact the Alumni Engagement team by email or telephone +44 (0)1223 332288 for help and support.

Key dates 2020

  • March: Groups are invited to host Freshers' Events
  • March to Friday 14 August: organisers register their events
  • Friday 17 July: first deadline for registering events (ensures maximum publicity and help to recruit volunteers)
  • Late July: events are promoted
  • Monday 27 July to Tuesday 4 August: events in Scotland are not permitted, as stipulated by UCAS
  • Friday 7 August to Thursday 13 August: events in the UK are not permitted, as stipulated by UCAS 
  • August and September: events are promoted and take place around the world
  • Friday 14 August: final deadline for registering events
  • Within two weeks of the event: deadline for organisers to submit their attendee data (entry to prize draw if submitted within seven days)
  • Tuesday 6 October: term starts
  • By end December: attendee feedback is circulated to organisers