Latest issue: CAM 74


Meet the University’s experts preserving history in the form of archaeological artefacts, take a whistle-stop tour of infinity and catch up with University news in the latest edition of CAM.

Some of our highlights include:

  • Pulling together*: This year, for the first time, the Women’s Boat Race will take place on the same course as the men’s, the culmination of an 88-year-old battle for equality
  • My room, your room: Student Ben Harrison swaps domestic tales with the former occupant of his room at Pembroke, Inbetweener star Joe Thomas
  • Poet's field guide: Do you know your donk from your rawky? Dr Robert Macfarlane presents highlights from his dictionary of terms for nature and landscape in Britain

*Erratum -  In the 'Pulling together' article, the text on page 14 of the print edition relating to the 1950s and 1960s should read: 'The fixture fell into abeyance until it was revived by a pair of engineering students in 1964, but not everyone at the University was ready to hail its return.  It was only a few years before that a College boat club captain had written to CUWBC:  "I personally do not approve of women rowing at all.  It is a ghastly sight, an anatomical impossibility and physiologically dangerous."'

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