Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer recruitment

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Organisers can benefit greatly from having help with their Freshers' Events, such as from fellow Group members and current students. Help could include:

  • Mingling with attendees and sharing their personal experiences of Cambridge
  • Giving a short presentation about an aspect of student life
  • Practical support, such as finding a suitable venue, organising refreshments, preparing event supplies and registering attendees
  • Setting up the table/area/room and packing up afterwards
  • Contributing to costs

Alumni Group members

In addition to providing practical support, Group members can be tasked with mingling with attendees and sharing their experiences of living and studying at Cambridge. Why not speak to the Group Chairperson/President or Secretary about the best way to promote the opportunity? Aim to recruit individuals representing a broad range of Colleges and academic disciplines.

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Current students and recent graduates

It is strongly recommended that you involve current students and recent graduates from a variety of Colleges and courses. The vast majority of previous attendees tell us in their feedback that speaking to current students was the best thing about their Freshers’ Event and the main incentive for going. Current students and recent graduates can give a credible, relatable and up-to-date exposition of what it is currently like to be at Cambridge and how to prepare for the endeavour. They can also provide an extra pair of hands for setting up, registering attendees and clearing up afterwards. Furthermore, your Group is likely to benefit from staying in touch with these potential members of the future.

Tips for recruiting current students and recent graduates

  • Help to recruit current students and recent graduates is available to organisers who register their events by the first deadline and request such assistance on their event registration form. The opportunity will be promoted by the Alumni Engagement team to current students and recent graduates, and anyone expressing an interest will be put in touch with you. You might find it helpful to read the volunteer role profile. Please note we cannot guarantee the recruitment of volunteers
  • If your Group has hosted a Freshers' Event before, why not invite back previous attendees and volunteers?
  • Ask fellow Group members if they are in contact with current students or recent graduates to approach for help
  • (UK only) ask the Schools Liaison Officer for your area (see below) to promote the opportunity to current students, including those holding College Access Officer roles
  • Find out if the Group can cover any reasonable volunteer expenses, such as for travel and refreshments

Tips for briefing current students and recent graduates on arrival

Help your volunteers to feel welcomed, valued and supported by taking these easy steps:

  • Introduce the volunteer to other volunteers and Group members
  • Give them a name badge to wear that clearly identifies them as a current student or recent graduate
  • Gauge their level of experience by asking if they have volunteered at a Freshers’ Event before
  • Outline their responsibilities and brief them on timings
  • If they are to staff the registration table, run through the instructions for collecting attendee data
  • Offer them (ideally free) refreshments and settle any volunteer expenses before they leave

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Schools Liaison Officers (UK only)

Every College employs a Schools Liaison Officer (SLO), also known as an Area Link, to build relationships with schools and colleges across the UK. Each Officer is assigned to several UK regions or cities and several London Boroughs. Meet Rosie Costello, the SLO at at Gonville & Caius, with responsibility for Hertfordshire, Norfolk and a number of London Boroughs.

SLOs are potentially a great resource for UK Groups, because they might be able to:

  • Co-host the Freshers’ Event with you
  • Promote the event in local schools and colleges 
  • Mingle with attendees and provide a presentation on life in Cambridge (do note that head teachers are likely to be reassured by the presence of a University representative at the event)
  • Help with recruiting current students to attend the event

Please note that SLOs are exceptionally busy and support is not guaranteed and will vary from College to College, but it is certainly worth seeking. Please email the Alumni Engagement team to be put in touch with the SLO for your area. 

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Student societies

Groups with an equivalent student society in Cambridge are encouraged to involve them in their Freshers' Events and other student engagement activties.

You could, for example, co-host the Freshers' Event with the student society, thus gaining their help with organising and promoting it. Members of their committee could be invited to mingle with attendees and provide a presentation about being at Cambridge. Find out if they will be hosting an orientation event for new students in Cambridge at the beginning of term and promote it at the Freshers' Event.

To check if your Group has an equivalent student society, visit www.societies.cam.ac.uk or www.cusu.co.uk/directory, or contact the appropriate team.

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