Volunteer recruitment

Volunteer recruitment

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This section highlights the potential help that is available to Freshers' Events organisers from alumni and current student volunteers.

Alumni Group members

Fellow Group members could potentially provide practical support, such as:

  • Finding a suitable venue, organising refreshments and preparing event supplies
  • Setting up, registering attendees and packing up
  • Registering attendees and ensuring no one is left on their own

Why not speak to the Group Chairperson, President or Secretary about the best way to promote the opportunity to members?

Current students and recent graduates

It is strongly recommended that you involve current students and recent graduates with your Freshers' Event, for the following reasons:

  • The vast majority of previous attendees tell us in their feedback that speaking to current students was the best thing about their Freshers’ Event and the main incentive for going
  • They can give a credible, relatable and up-to-date exposition of what it is currently like to be at Cambridge and how to prepare for the endeavour
  • They can provide an extra pair of hands for setting up, registering attendees and clearing up
  • Your Group is likely to benefit from staying in touch with these potential members of the future

Tips for volunteer recruitment

  • Help to recruit current students and recent graduates is available to organisers who register their events by the first deadline, by requesting it on your event registration form. Individuals expressing an interest will be put in touch with you for details about the role. Please respond promptly. You might find it helpful to read the volunteer role profile. Please note we cannot guarantee the recruitment of volunteers for Freshers' Events
  • If your Group has hosted a Freshers' Event before, why not invite back previous attendees and volunteers?
  • Ask fellow Group members if they are in contact with current students or recent graduates to approach for help
  • (UK only) ask the Schools Liaison Officer for your area (see below) to promote the opportunity to current students, including those holding College Access Officer roles
  • Try to recruit volunteers representing a broad range of College and courses

Tips for working with volunteers

Help your volunteers feel welcomed, valued and supported by taking these easy steps:

Before the event

  • Respond promtly to their emails and other communications
  • Provide information about the role, including (i) shift start and end times; (ii) venue details; (iii) who to report to on arrival; (iv) what they'll be doing; and (v) if their reasonable expenses will be reimbursed (see below)
  • Find out if the Group can cover any reasonable volunteer expenses, such as for travel and refreshments

On arrival

  • Introduce the volunteer to other volunteers and Group members
  • Give them a name badge to wear that clearly identifies them as a current student or recent graduate and states their College and course
  • Outline their responsibilities and brief them on timings
  • If they are to staff the registration table, run through the instructions for collecting attendee data

During the event

  • Introduce all volunteers to attendees as part of your welcome speech
  • Offer them (ideally free) refreshments
  • Settle any volunteer expenses before they leave

After the event

  • Send a thank you email and invite them to join your mailing list

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Student societies

Groups with an equivalent student society in Cambridge are encouraged to involve them in their Freshers' Events and other student engagement activties.

You could, for example, co-host the Freshers' Event with the student society, thus gaining their help with organising and promoting it. Members of their committee could be invited to mingle with attendees and provide a presentation about being at Cambridge. Find out if they will be hosting an orientation event for new students in Cambridge at the beginning of term and promote it at the Freshers' Event.

To check if your Group has an equivalent student society, visit www.societies.cam.ac.uk or www.cusu.co.uk/directory, or contact the appropriate team.

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