• Many small globes
    4 February 2017 to 7 December 2017

    Global Cambridge events for alumni

    Meet up with fellow alumni and immerse yourself in the University's world-leading research at Global Cambridge events. In 2017, we've visited cities in six countries...

  • E-reader and coffee mug

    Journals and online resources

    You might have finished studying but you still have free access to academic resources online, even when you’re not in Cambridge. Find out what you can access and how...

  • Mount Batur
    26 May 2018 to 10 June 2018

    Volcano Hopping in Indonesia

    Explore the world's largest archipelago

  • The CAMCard - bicycle design - issued from June 2015


    The CAMCard is your official, personalised alumni card, identifying you as a member of the University and giving you access to a variety of discounts in Cambridge and...


The University’s new development to the north-west of the city has welcomed its first residents this summer.

In a galaxy far away, two dead stars begin a final spiral into a massive collision. The resulting explosion unleashes a huge burst of energy, sending ripples across the very fabric of space. In the nuclear cauldron of the collision, atoms are ripped apart to form entirely new elements and scattered outward across the Universe. 

Hear Cambridge's 346th Vice-Chancellor in conversation with Professor Ian White, Master of Jesus College, from Alumni Festival in September 2017.

Forthcoming events

Melbourne Yarra River City Skyline
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 - 12.00pm AEDT
Price: $55 per person

Join alumni in Melbourne for the next lunch event with guest speaker, author Jim McCue.

Photo of cave in Lascaux
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 - 11.00am CEST

Join the Dordogne Cambridge Group for a visit to Lascaux on Wednesday, 18 October.

Dinner event
Thursday, 19 October 2017

Join the Cambridge Society of Luxembourg for an informal social dinner.

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