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    The CAMCard is your official, personalised alumni card, identifying you as a member of the University and giving you access to a variety of discounts in Cambridge and...

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    Journals and online resources

    You might have finished studying but you still have free access to academic resources online, even when you’re not in Cambridge.

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    Find your nearest Alumni Groups

    Get involved in the global Cambridge community, wherever you are in the world. With 450 alumni groups in 115 countries, international hospitality, networking and...

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    8 November 2018 to 21 November 2018

    The Making of the Himalaya

    The remote kingdom of Bhutan has become the key location for geoscientists developing and testing hypotheses concerning the formation of the world’s great mountain...

  • Photo by James Graham on Unsplash

    One heart-stopping moment

    CAM speaks to the Cambridge researchers pioneering treatments for heart and lung diseases.


Almost half of young people in the UK now go to university. Who gets in – and what and where they study – affects a person’s place in society and their future earnings, as well as the skills available to the job market. Can big data help the ‘fifty percenters’ make one of the most important decisions of their lives – and advance the success of the UK’s graduate economy?
The largest ever marsupial - Julieta Sarmiento Photography
The Museum of Zoology will reopen its doors after an extensive £4.1 million redevelopment.
Scientists have solved the riddle behind one of the most recognisable, and annoying, household sounds: the dripping tap. And crucially, they have also identified a simple solution to stop it, which most of us already have in our kitchens. 

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