Event registration

Event registration

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China (Zhejiang) Freshers' Event

    How to register your event

    1. Check the registration deadlines, which determine how the event will be promoted.
    2. Check the event observes the mandatory guidelines on venue, dress code, alcohol and charging. Only events that are observant of the guidelines can be registered.
    3. Complete an event registration form.
    4. You will be contacted by the Alumni Engagement team, or Cambridge in America, either to confirm registration, or to request any missing information.

    Deadlines for registering your event

    First deadline: date to be confirmed
    It is strongly advised that you register your event by the first deadline, in order to guarantee maximum publicity, as outlined on the event promotion page. Events registered by this date are also eligible for our help to recruit current student and recent graduate volunteers.

    Final deadline: date to be confirmed
    This is the final deadline for organisers to register their events. It will not be possible to register an event after this deadline. Your event will be listed on the Freshers' Events web page and promoted on Facebook. It will not be promoted in any other way. Only events registered by the first deadline are eligible for our help to recruit current student and recent graduate volunteers.

    Making changes to your registered event

    Please try to avoid making changes to your event (such as the date or venue) after it has been registered, because it will not be possible to amend publicity materials that are already printed and circulated, such as via the Colleges and the International Student Office.

    If changes are unavoidable, please contact the appropriate team as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate them. Please also notify/remind attendees of any changes, at the time of booking.