About your degree

About your degree

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After graduation you'll need to refer to your degree now and then. Find out how to get a copy of your academic transcript, a new degree certificate or how to access CamSIS Extended Self Service below.

Where can I get a transcript or a copy of my certificate?

The University’s Student Registry produces all degree transcripts and certificates for full-time Cambridge degrees and you can order online. Please see the Student Registry's degree certificates and transcripts webpage for further information.

How can I see my unofficial transcript online?

Find out about accessing your unofficial transcript through CamSIS Extended Self-Service on the Student Registry's website.

Can the University issue transcripts electronically?

If you matriculated in 1980 or later, yes. The Student Registry can issue transcripts online through a secure electronic document system called Digitary CORE. Further information about this service can be found on the Student Registry website.

How can I get verification of my degree from the University?

The Student Registry handles all verifications of full time Cambridge degrees and you decide whether to release your personal data to third parties for this purpose. Please see the Student Registry's website for further information and details of how to request and access verification letters online.

How do I get my Cambridge MA?

Graduations are administrated by your College, so in the first instance you should contact your College's development and alumni relations office about arranging to have your MA Cantab conferred.

Some Colleges let alumni know when their matriculation year group becomes eligible to take the MA Cantab, so be sure to keep your address updated with your College. This will be not less than six years from the end of your first term of residence, providing that at least two years have passed since you received your BA. If you are unsure, contact your College's development and alumni relations office.

Similar information to the above is available on the Cambridge MA webpage on the Student Registry's website.

How do I confirm a Cambridge graduate's degree for employment purposes etc?

Requests for verification must be made directly with the individual who can then decide whether to release their personal data.

Further information is available on the Student Registry’s webpage.