Data protection

Data protection

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Data protection recommendations for Alumni Groups, Clubs, and Societies

Following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that came into force on 25 May 2019, the following documents provide some guidance and recommendations for holding and processing members' data. Unfortunately, we are unable to share alumni data with Alumni Groups as alumni have not given their consent to this. 

Data protection recommendations for Alumni Groups

Download generic data protection statement template

Further information  

If you have general questions about data protection, please contact

We are unable to discuss issues specific to a particular Alumni Group, Club, or Society.  The information and recommendations provided on this page are based on research we have undertaken to ensure the University’s compliance with relevant legislation. However, please bear in mind that these recommendations do not constitute legal advice.  

Benefits of using the enhanced online services

If you decide to use our online services and choose to use the University's online booking system for your events, you will be able to access the list of attendees for your event. You will also be able to export this information and add the participants to your mailing list.


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