Attendee registration form

Attendee registration form

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Registering attendees

Organisers are asked to provide the Alumni Engagement team with an attendee registration form within two weeks of their events.

The form should include the first (or given) name, last name, College, CRSid and email address of every incoming Cambridge student who attended the event. This information should be enough for us to identify each attendee on the Universty's student database.

Attendee registration form

Oranisers are encouraged to use the template attendee registration form to collect this information at the event. The form is designed to capture the necessary permission your Group will need to stay in contact with attendees after the event.

Completing the attendee registration form

  • Download and print enough copies of the template attendee registration form
  • Assign a Group member or volunteer to register attendees on arrival and ensure no one is missed
  • Only incoming Cambridge students starting a course in Michaelmas Term should complete the form. Please ensure it is not completed by alumni, current students, Oxford students if it is a joint event, or any other guests
  • Attendees are entitled to opt out of completing the form, but please encourage them to complete it, because in doing so they will hear about opportunities to connect with alumni and Alumni Groups

Submitting the attendee registration form

  • Within a few days of the event, you will be contacted by the Alumni Engagement team for your attendee registration form
  • Please go through the form and cross out or delete anyone who is not a new Cambridge student starting a course in Michaelmas Term. Please remove alumni, current students, Oxford students if it is a joint event, and any other guests
  • If possible, please submit an editable version of the form (such as a Word file), rather than a PDF file or a hard copy, to the Alumni Engagement team, as it will be quicker for us to process
  • Please email the form to the Alumni Engagement team

Why attendee data is important

We appreciate the effort organisers go to to collect and submit attendee data. This information is beneficial to Groups, students and the University, for the reasons stated below:

  • Organisers can use the data to keep in contact with attendees
  • We will contact attendees for their feedback and share it with you by the end of December. This should give you an idea of what worked well and provide some suggestions for next time
  • Attendees will be contacted throughout their studies with opportunities to connect with Alumni Groups. This supports Groups with their student engagement initiatives and inspires future membership
  • We will examine attendee data and use our findings to improve support to organisers and rally support for Freshers’ Events across Collegiate Cambridge

Prize draw

If you submit a completed attendee registration form to the Alumni Engagement team within seven calendar days of your event, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 voucher to use online or in store at Cambridge outfitters, Ryder & Amies. Terms and conditions apply.