After the event

After the event

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Newcastle Freshers' Event

Follow-up tasks for organisers

Well done and thank you for hosting a Freshers' Event. There are a several follow-up tasks for organisers, as outlined below:

Submit your attendee data

You will be contacted by email shortly after the event for your attendee data. Please submit it to the Alumni Engagement team within two weeks of the event.

Prize draw: if you submit your completed attendee registration form to the Alumni Engagement team within seven calendar days of the event, you will be entered into a free prize draw to win a £50 voucher to use online or in store at Cambridge outfitters, Ryder & Amies. A winner will be drawn and notified during the week of Monday 14 October 2019. Terms and conditions apply.

Share your feedback

We will welcome your feedback on all aspects of the Freshers’ Event series, to help improve support to organisers. Shortly after the event, you will be provided with a link to a short online survey. We will respond to your feedback before the end of December.

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Receive attendee feedback

We will contact attendees for their feedback and share it with you by the end of December. This should give you an idea of what worked well and provide some suggestions for next time.

Share your event photos

We would love to see your event photos and use them to promote future Freshers’ Events. You can email them to the Alumni Engagegment team as an attachment, or use a free file sharing platform such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Landscape-orientated photos, sized 900 x 450 pixels or bigger, are ideal.

Keep in touch with attendees

It is recommended that you keep in contact with event attendees. You could start with an email thanking them for coming to your event and inviting them to join your mailing list. Follow this with an invitation to your seasonal event over the Christmas vacation and continue to promote the Group's student engagement activties throughout the year. Why not invite them to next year's Freshers' Event as volunteers?

Freshers' Events organiser Tony Banton (Trinity College 1975), who is Honorary Secretary of the Cambridge Society of Paris and an Alumni Advisory Board member, shares his tips for keeping in touch with attendees:

"We offer attendees free membership of the Society for three years. Most accept and we keep in touch with them through general mailings. We contact those who don't respond a couple of times with reminders of our membership offer and then, if they still don't join, we apply data protection rules and delete them from our lists. The new approach this year is an event we are holding on 1st February in Cambridge, specifically targeted at our current student members - most of whom have attended our Freshers Events' as new students, or current student volunteers, over the last three years. The invitation will also be the last chaser to the non-joiners, hoping they will want to come along."

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Keep in touch with volunteers

Please show your appreciation to volunteers by contacting them soon after the event to thank them for their involvement. 

  • current students: keep them informed about the Group’s events and student engagement activities, and invite them to help at next year’s Freshers’ Event
  • recent graduates: invite them to join the Group and/or sign up to the mailing list. Please signpost them to other Groups if they are based in a different area
  • Schools Liaison Officer (UK only): enquire about opportunities for the Group to get involved with outreach activtities in the area and consider co-hosting your Freshers' Event with them next year
  • student societies: team-up with your Group's equivalent student society for events and other initiatives. Working together is likely to ensure a smooth transition for members from the student society to the Alumni Group when they graduate. To find out if your Group has an equivalent student society, visit or, or email the appropriate team

Next year's events

The Alumni Engagement team and Cambridge in America will review the year’s Freshers’ Events and start planning for the coming year in December. Groups will be contacted from March onwards with an invitation to host an event.

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