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Kate Newmann

A profound realisation of suffering unequalled in Irish poetry. This volume of emotionally courageous poems is destined to find an enduring place in the canon of Holocaust literature. To read these poems is to taste sorrow. Cathal O'Searcaigh

Susan Sontag has delineated the pornography of fascism; these poems chart its lunacy, its aberrant, horrific, distortions of reason. Paula Meehan, Ireland Professor of Poetry

Reinventing Development
Lord Mawuko-Yevugah (Downing, 2003)

Global development actors such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund claim that the shift to the poverty reduction strategy framework and emphasis on local participation address the social cost of earlier adjustment programs and help put aid-receiving countries back in control of their own development agenda.

Quantum Poetics
Gwyneth Lewis (Girton, 1978)

In this innovative series of public lectures at Newcastle University, leading contemporary poets speak about the craft and practice of poetry to audiences drawn from both the city and the university. The lectures are then published in book form by Bloodaxe, giving readers everywhere the opportunity to learn what the poets themselves think about their own subject.

gold medal flapjack cover
Alison Mowbray (Caius 1993)

"Being an Olympian was not my first choice of career, or even my second."

the invisible history of the human race cover
Christine Kenneally (Trinity 1992)

We are doomed to repeat history if we fail to learn from it, but how are we affected by the forces that are invisible to us?

translation cover
Armen Parsyan (Clare Hall 2003), editor

This book, for the first time, comprehensively assembles and analyzes a large body of information on the role of the fundamental mechanism of the protein biosynthesis pathway, translation, in cancer biology. It systematically explores the function of the translation machinery and its regulation, including cell signaling, in the development, maintenance and progression of human cancer.

The Pauline Conversion cover
Anthony Camber (Downing 1988)

With echoes of Tom Sharpe and PG Wodehouse, The Pauline Conversion weaves drama, politics, satire, social justice, mystery and humour in a touching tale of reinvention, trust — and family.

churchill's final farewell cover
Rodney Croft (Selwyn 1962)

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir Winston Churchill.  Using archival material and interviews with members of the Churchill family, the book explores all aspects of both the state and private funerals held in January, 1965.

The Final Whistle book cover
Stephen Cooper (Trinity 1977)

Winner Rugby Book of Year: Times British Sports Book Awards 2013

With Foreword by Bill Beaumont CBE DL Chairman RFU

This is the story of fifteen men killed in the Great War. All played rugby for one London club; none lived to hear the final whistle.

Rugby brought them together; rugby led the rush to war. They came from Britain and Empire to fight in every theatre and service, among them a poet, playwright and perfumer.  Some were decorated and died heroically; others fought and fell quietly. Together their stories paint a portrait in miniature of the entire War.

Tolerance of uncertainty cover
John Bancroft (Caius 1954)

Is God really knowable? Does uncertainty harm or benefit science? Can we be certain about our moral principles, and how can historical examples guide our perspective? These are several questions that Dr. John Bancroft tackles in his new book, Tolerance of Uncertainty.