The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The Big Picture cover

Author: PD Hemsley (Clare 1978)

Publisher: eLectio

The Big Picture is a much-needed book that allows the reader to consider the big questions of life without feeling bludgeoned to adopt the author’s opinion.  The book explains basics of science, philosophy and religion in a straightforward manner, and includes topics as diverse as quantum physics, cellular biology, evolution, consciousness, free will, historical accuracy of biblical accounts, and how to engineer a Boeing 747.

It will encourage all those who want to live a good and purposeful life and would like a sound basis for doing so.  Such readers may find a resonance with the teaching of Jesus and this book will explore whether we can trust what has been recorded in the gospel accounts, and whether the findings of science and a reasoned understanding of the Bible are consistent or contradictory.

Many books in the arena of science and faith are hostile and adversarial. The authors set up straw men of their opponent’s arguments, dismantle them and then preach their own arguments to their disciples.  The author of The Big Picture recognises that there are intelligent atheists and intelligent believers, and that a case can always be made for whatever someone wants to believe.  The reader is therefore treated with respect.

Publication date: 
Friday 11 October 2013

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