Homo Unus: Successor to Homo Sapiens

Homo Unus: Successor to Homo Sapiens

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Author: Kinchit Bihani (Fitzwilliam 2008)

Publisher: Kinchit Bihani

Do you feel disheartened because ... A cocktail of macro trends (changing climate, pandemics, threat of wars, pollution, crony capitalism, etc.), micro trends (inflation, regional wars, racial conflicts, inefficient governments, etc.) and nano trends (strained relationships, loneliness, etc.) is threatening human race. Is there a magical bullet to the aforesaid problems? Will changing leadership and regimes, bringing in new legislations, creating new institutions, new science and other measures bring complete relief? Or are there fundamental flaws, undercurrents slowly cracking up and sweeping away the land beneath us? What are they? How to conquer them? This book is an attempt to unearth answers to the question, “What will it take humanity to survive and thrive in the tough times ahead?”

Publication date: 
Thursday 8 December 2022
‎ 978-9357686433

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