What Would Jesus See?

What Would Jesus See?

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Author: Aaron Rosen (Pembroke 1999)

Publisher: Broadleaf Books

Aaron Rosen, one of the world’s leading experts on art and religion, brings a fresh lens to the Gospels, informed by his experience as an art curator and scholar, as well as his life as a practicing Jew married to an Episcopal priest. He examines Jesus's eye for spectacle, and his tools for discerning truth amid a flurry of false appearances. As he applies Jesus’s view to key challenges facing society today, Rosen taps a surprising trove of examples drawn from art, current events, and popular culture. At the core of Jesus’s ministry, Rosen finds, is a call to look at our world—especially those who are most disadvantaged—with radical empathy.

Publication date: 
Tuesday 6 June 2023

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