White Privilege In Transition

White Privilege In Transition

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Author: Choo Lak Yeow (Fitzwilliam 1961)

Publisher: Resource Publications

A former British subject from Singapore writes on his experiences of and exposure to white privilege. The white privilege phenomenon arguably began when European countries started to colonize Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. White privilege is built on the twin towers of European colonizers exploiting their colonies’ human resources and stealing their natural resources to build up their ill-gotten wealth. Structured into their system, white privilege perpetuates white supremacy. Horrible examples of white privilege are mentioned to show how white people dehumanized races in their colonies and had stolen their natural resources. White privilege continues today in many parts of the world in various ways. White privilege is a heresy because it is anti-Bible. It is blind to the fact that the iniquities of the colonizing fathers live on today in the very structures and systems governing the world. It is an apostasy because it clearly denies the doctrine that all humans are created in God’s image. White Privilege In Transition is a frank assessment of the damage white privilege has done. In a persuasive, non-judgmental way, White Privilege In Transition invites practitioners of white privilege to accept the fact that competition/survival today take place on a level playing field.

Publication date: 
Monday 17 April 2023

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