Don't fuss, Love God, Don't fuss

Don't fuss, Love God, Don't fuss

Front cover showing two people in a boat on a lake with a background of mountains

Author: Ruth Bamforth (Newnham 1994)

Publisher: Faithbuilder Publishing

What is a Christian? What is prayer? How should I pray? What does the Lord's Prayer actually mean? These are just some of the questions people often ask as they explore their Christian faith. Don't fuss, Love God, Don't fuss seeks to answer these and other questions in a straightforward, down to earth, and unapologetic way.

Through this insightful compilation of reflections Don't fuss, Love God, Don't fuss helps those at the beginning of their journey into their Christian faith, as well as those seeking to deepen their understanding of Christianity.

Each chapter begins with a short, thought-provoking summary, outlining what the reader can expect from the chapter, before going on to explore a compilation of short meditations and essays. A series of questions are then posed for both individual reflection and group study, making this book multi-purpose in its nature.

As the Bishop of Selby comments in his foreword, "These [thought pieces] are theology on the go, ... thoughts about the ways of God with us and with the world as part of that unfolding story of faith in ordinary life consequent upon the impact of Jesus Christ over 20,000 years ago.... I hope that you enjoy and are challenged by Don't fuss, Love God, Don't fuss."

Publication date: 
Monday 11 October 2021

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