Set up your alumni email account

Set up your alumni email account

To be able to follow these online steps to activate your account please; make sure your @cam account is still active. If your @cam account has been deactivated please; contact the alumni email support desk at, as there are alternative ways to activate your account.

If your @cam account closed on Monday 22 July, get in touch with the University Information Services at, they will be able to check if it is possible to migrate your emails and reopen your account. 

  1. Please read the alumni email account terms of service.
  2. Change your Raven password - you can re-use your current password during this step; this will activate your new email account.

 Please wait at least 30 minutes before trying to log in to your new account. It can take 30 -40 minutes for your Raven password reset to synchronise with your email address.  

  3. Set up your Raven self-service password recovery

Your self-service will allow you to reset your own Raven password if you forget it, no need to wait for a password reset token. Click 'Login' under the 'Managing your account' heading, then click 'Configure' under the 'Self-service password recovery' heading.

  4. Log in to your alumni email account, by entering your alumni email address ( please use your and Raven password.

 Set up an auto-reply for your @cam email address

  1. Set up an automatic reply in the Outlook web app, including an alternative contact email address. The automatic reply will be sent to all internal mail, from an Exchange Online @cam addresses, for 90 days after your account is cancelled.  
  2. Set up automatic forwarding to an alternative email address to direct internal mail during these 90 days. After 90 days, the internal forwarding will stop and the @cam mailbox and its contents will be deleted. 
  3. Set up an auto-reply with a new contact email address in Lookup for anyone emailing you from outside the University. This auto-reply will also be sent to anyone emailing you internally after 90 days.  
  4. Please note that the ability to set up auto-replies may change. A new University email address allocation and retention policy is being piloted.  

If you require help please see our FAQ page, where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Information and guides can be found on the University Information Services website -

The online guides; will show you how to migrate your emails - contacts - and calendar to an Outlook app. 

If you get stuck at any point during the migration process please; contact UIS at

If you receive a warning message telling you that your alumni account has been 'locked' when you try to log in, please wait up to 30 minutes for your Raven password to synchronise with your new account and then try logging in again.

Access your alumni email account any time by logging in via with your email address and Raven password.

If you need to change your recovery questions, update your recovery email address/ phone number etc. This can be updated by logging into your Raven self-service account, please click on the link below.

Raven Self-Service Password Update