Successful launch of the Westlake forum

Successful launch of the Westlake forum

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On 9 September, the Oxbridge Jiangsu-Zhejiang Alumni Association successfully launched its first 'Westlake forum' on the campus of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.

As an essential event of the Association, the Westlake forum strives to connect all attendees in China with some of the most powerful and inspiring ideas generated by research works carried out in Cambridge and Oxford. It also aims at strengthening the bond between Cambridge and Oxford alumni, stimulating a mutual development, integrating and sharing resources, as well as enlarging the influence of the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

The forum attracted prestigious professors from the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China and other universities, to talk on futuristic and forefront topics dividing into two panels: 'The Future of Biomedical Science' and 'The Era of Quantum Technologies'.

This year’s forum also had a wider impact than alumni of Cambridge and Oxford: more than 350 participants joined the forum, of which 57.6% are Oxbridge alumni, 42.3% are people from more than 30 public listed companies specialised in biomedical and computer technology, Zhejiang University and industrial investment companies. Moreover, around 63% of the participants hold a master’s degree or a higher degree.