His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace has announced today (9 April 2021). Prince Philip was Chancellor of the University of Cambridge for 35 years, from December 1976 to June 2011.

Lord Simon Woolley has been elected as the next Principal of Homerton College. He will take up the role in October 2021.

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Cambridge won the men's and women's races during two hard-fought battles on the Great Ouse at Ely
Lake on the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Using satellite data to ‘see in the dark’, researchers have shown for the first time that lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet drain during winter, a finding with implications for the speed at which the world’s second-largest ice sheet flows to the ocean.
Screening for glaucoma
Scientists at the University of Cambridge have shown in animal studies that gene therapy may help repair some of the damage caused in chronic neurodegenerative conditions such as glaucoma and dementia. Their approach demonstrates the potential effectiveness of gene therapy in polygenic conditions – that is, complex conditions with no single genetic cause.
Man putting on a facemask
A new mathematical model suggests that the easing of lockdown must be accompanied by wider and more effective use of control measures such as facemasks, even with vaccination, in order to suppress COVID-19 more quickly and reduce the likelihood of another lockdown.
Deccan Traps, India
Researchers have uncovered evidence suggesting that volcanic carbon emissions were not a major driver in Earth’s most recent extinction event.
Boy at sunset
Around one in 57 (1.76%) children in the UK is on the autistic spectrum, significantly higher than previously reported, according to a study of more than seven million children carried out by researchers from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Psychiatry, in collaboration with researchers from Newcastle University and Maastricht University.


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