Two teams from Ernulf Academy’s Year 10 were given the task of discovering what life is like for students at Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge University.

Students from Trinity College triumphed in the final of University Challenge last week, beating their rivals from Oxford 240 points to 135.

On March 28 the Oxford & Cambridge Society of Flanders held its first annual meeting in the charming Faculty Club of Antwerp University.

Alumnus Dr Richard Newland (Selwyn 1981) has landed something of a sporting coup by sending out the winner of the world’s most famous horse race.

In 2017 a new £1 coin will appear in our pockets with a design extremely difficult to forge. In the mid-16th century, Elizabeth I’s government came up with a series of measures to deter “divers evil persons” from damaging the reputation of English coinage and, with it, the good name of the nation. 

Alumni can purchase tickets for Charleston Festival with a 15 per cent discount. This year's festival takes place from 16 to 26 May and speakers include Karl Ove Knausgaard, Paul Muldoon, Lorrie Moore and Michael Ondaatje.

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer suggests that tests to grade and stage prostate cancer underestimated the severity of the disease in half of men whose cancers had been classified as ‘slow growing’.

“My Cambridge,” one of the University’s series of films promoting the unique features of undergraduate life at the collegiate University, has won two IVCA Bronze Awards.

A host of Cambridge academics, including Nobel Laureate Sir John Gurdon, will be speaking on subjects ranging from stem cell technology and Alzheimer’s to the future of North Korea and the history of conspiracy theories at this year’s Hay Festival.

Frequently derided as stuck-up and exclusive, haute cuisine has dropped its posh image and is appealing to a wider range of customers than ever before, transforming the way we think about food in the process, according to new research.


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