The Oxford and Cambridge Club of Nigeria successfully held its inaugural Oxbridge Debate 2015 on Tuesday 24th March, 2015 at the Muson Centre (Agip Recital Hall) Onikan, Lagos.

Students from Caius triumphed in the final of University Challenge last night (13 April), beating their rivals from Magdalen College, Oxford, 205 points to 105.

For a decade, Dr Robert Macfarlane has been compiling a dictionary of terms for nature and landscape in Britain.

Victory was denied the openweight men and women's boats on Saturday but there's good news - our sailors and cyclists cleaned up in two British University championships over the weekend.

The latest edition of Chem@Cam, the newsletter for the Department of Chemistry, is available to download now.

An international research project to sequence whole genomes from mountain gorillas has given scientists and conservationists new insight into the impact of population decline on these critically endangered apes. While mountain gorillas are extensively inbred and at risk of extinction, research published today in Science finds more to be optimistic about in their genomes than expected.

Cambridge and Oxford compete on the Thames for dominance in the annual Boat Races with women crews to take on the course for the first time.

New understanding of the nature of electromagnetism could lead to antennas small enough to fit on computer chips – the ‘last frontier’ of semiconductor design – and could help identify the points where theories of classical electromagnetism and quantum mechanics overlap.

A test for a wide range of genetic risk factors could improve doctors’ ability to work out which women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer, a major study of more than 65,000 women has shown.

New research shows that males with higher ‘reproductive potential’ are better distance runners. This may have been used by females as a reliable signal of high male genetic quality during our hunter-gatherer past, as good runners are more likely to have other traits of good hunters and providers, such as intelligence and generosity.


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