Success of the China Forum

Success of the China Forum

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Read about the recent China Forum hosted by the Oxford-Cambridge Alumni Association and the School of Management of Zhejiang University.

Oxford and Cambridge China Forum (previously the West Lake Forum) aims to serve as a platform for open discussions for Cambridge and Oxford alumni, and leading academics/non-academics from Oxford, Cambridge and Jiangsu-Zhejiang to share their insights on the world’s cutting-edge technologies and innovations. It also aims at strengthening the bond between Cambridge and Oxford alumni, stimulating a mutual development, integrating and sharing resources, as well as enlarging the influence of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Following last year's huge success, the Forum this year focused on two panels: 'Innovative Management' and 'Entrepreneurship'.

This year’s Forum also had a wider impact than alumni of Cambridge and Oxford: more than 400 participants joined the Forum, of which 45% were alumni of Cambridge or Oxford, and the remaining 55% were people from more than 20 public listed companies, Zhejiang University or industrial investment companies. Around 57% of the participants held a master’s degree or a higher degree.

Special thanks to our alumni who contributed to the Forum as speakers:
Professor Xiaobo Wu, Director of National Institute for Innovation Management (NIIM); Director of the Zhejiang University-Cambridge University Joint Research Center for Global Manufacturing and Innovation Management.
Mr Hua Xiang, MEng, Oxford; founder of Primecare International, former board member of UBS Investment Banking Division responsible for Asian health care projects and a leading domestic mother-infant ecosystem promoter
Mr Shenqin Zhu, MSc, Oxford; Founder and CEO of Distributed Credit Chain.
Mr Zhaoxun Chen, General Manager of Oxford University Innovation (Suzhou) International Technology Transfer Center.
Mrs Leah He, General Manager of Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research (OSCAR).
Mrs Lijun Jiang, MBA, Oxford; Executive Secretary of Internet Finance Association of Small to Medium-Sized Banks(IFAB); 2011 Oxford Saïd Business School Global Women Leaders Award Winner.
Mr An Wu, MBA, Cambridge; Vice Chairman and CEO of BiTaicard Culture and Technology Co. Ltd., former Operations Director of IBM Greater China Financial Business Division;
Ms Siyuan Chen, BA and MSc, Oxford; Director of Rocket Internet Southeast Asia E-commerce Division.
Dr Renchen Liu, PhD, Oxford; Vice President of Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen;