San Diego Alumni Groups Virtual Trivia Quiz

San Diego Alumni Groups Virtual Trivia Quiz

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With the novel coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of letting up and large gatherings being out of the question, we decided to have another, our second, Virtual Team Trivia Quiz, on Wednesday, June 24th.

By 7.00pm almost 60 OxBridge and Harvard/Yale alumni had signed in to a Zoom meeting arranged by our President, John Newsam, (Lincoln College, Oxford) (second top-left in Figure 1.). As our Trivia Quizzes are team events, and team consultation on the correct answers needs to be private, a few minutes was taken up in setting up break-out groups of, typically, 6 players each.

Our long-time Quizmaster, Alex Moreno, (Cambridge and Harvard) explained the rules and asked the first of his frequently searching questions. Answers were submitted by Team Captains via the Zoon Chat feature. The quiz continued for about 2 hours, with a half-time break, with time to confer on the task of naming the First ten elements in the Periodic Table (2 points for each correct answer and one point deducted for a wrong answer). See HERE for the answer.

After a very closely fought contest, the final question was the decider – What was the date of the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court Decision. See HERE. One of the Harvard/Yale teams, aptly named Crimson and Blue, emerged victorious, confirming the  Harvard/Yale supremacy, for now, with a fourth consecutive win. We’ll have a return match shortly, date to be advised.