Remembering your A-Level results day

Remembering your A-Level results day

  • Hollie Wells in Lucy Cavendish College gardens
    Hollie Wells in Lucy Cavendish College gardens
  • Tom Chamberlain reads in Trinity College grounds
    Tom Chamberlain reading in Trinity College grounds

Students relive the moment they found out they were going to Cambridge.

It was possibly the greatest morning of my life.

Hollie Wells, Lucy Cavendish 2016

How did you feel when you first realised you were going to Cambridge? Ecstatic? Delighted? Terrified? As we approach A-Level results day, two of our current students look back on that exhilarating moment when they opened their results letter.


Hollie Wells has now completed her first year as an English student at Lucy Cavendish College, but last year she was just finishing an access course. On receiving her results, she was overjoyed to see that she had the grades she needed but felt increasingly nervous as she waited for an offer from a College. She says that coming from an access course and going into a College for mature students shows that going to Cambridge is something you can do at any point in your life. To find out more about her experience, watch her video.


Hollie general results film v 1


Tom Chamberlain spoke to us in his final days as an English student at Trinity College. He remembers feeling the trepidation of being at a crossroads in his life and that, in regard to the letter, 'anything could happen.' His grades were slightly lower than expected but he was delighted to still make the offer to come to Cambridge. On arrival he found that everyone was on a level playing field so that the details of what you got in your A-Levels didn't matter as much as the work that you were now going on to do. Hear his story by watching the video below.

Tom's results day | #GoingToCambridge

A-Level results are announced on Thursday, 17 August so spare a thought for those nervous hopefuls waiting to see what the future has in store for them.