Planning your own quiz

Planning your own quiz

  • May 2020 Quiz Night

In the third week of May, the Cambridge Society of Bristol and Bath held their first virtual event, an online quiz night. The society responded to the current lockdown in the UK by introducing the quiz evening to continue socialising and connecting despite government restrictions.  

Group member Sally Dore (Queens’ 1982) has put together a fantastic guide to planning your own virtual quiz night. Drawing on her experience and advice from others (her children were big contributors) Sally’s article is sure to give other alumni a brilliant starting point for their own quiz night. The guide is broken down into helpful sections, including some tips from experience, tackling all the key issues presented by an online quiz night.  

To make planning a virtual quiz easy for your alumni group, the society have also kindly provided two sets of "off the peg" questions split into in an easier version and a harder version. You can access these pre-prepared questions and answers below. 

On the evening Sally undertook the role of Quizmaster, and thoroughly enjoyed her experience. The evening was a resounding success with over 25 people partaking, split into 6 competing groups. The winning team, ‘Social Quiztancing’, remain victorious for the time being, but their headship may be contested soon.  It looks like there will be a continued effort to connect virtually by the Cambridge Society of Bristol and Bath. Every participating team from the evening expressed interested in another quiz and the society hope to offer another bigger and better evening of virtual quizzing in a few weeks' time. 

We hope this inspires other groups to host their own quiz nights, you can let us know how your quiz night went by emailing