New Masters announced by Caius and Corpus

New Masters announced by Caius and Corpus

  • Dr Pippa Rogerson (left); Professor Christopher Kelly (seen with his wife Shawn Donnelley, right)
    Dr Pippa Rogerson (left); Professor Christopher Kelly (seen with his wife Shawn Donnelley, right)

Image of Dr Rogerson courtesy of Gonville and Caius College
Image of Professor Kelly and Ms Donnelly courtesy of Corpus Christi College

Dr Pippa Rogerson and Professor Christopher Kelly will take office at their respective Colleges in autumn 2018.

Law scholar to be first female Master of Caius

Gonville & Caius College has announced that Dr Pippa Rogerson (Newnham 1980) will be its 43rd Master, the first woman to hold the post. She will succeed Professor Sir Alan Fersht when he retires at the end of September 2018.

Dr Rogerson has been a Fellow of Caius since 1989 and Director of Studies for Law since 1990. She has also been a University Lecturer and, since 2001, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law.

Dr Rogerson said she was: “delighted and daunted in equal parts to have been elected Master of Caius. Sir Alan Fersht is a hard act to follow, and I’m extremely fortunate to be part of such a wonderful College with such distinguished colleagues who are so engaged in research and teaching, fantastic undergraduates and graduates and an incredible team of staff.”

Her focus as Master would be on people, she said, “in order to have excellence in education and research we have to choose the best people as students, Fellows and staff, and then provide the environment in which they can thrive and do absolutely their best work.

“I want to continue to use the wealth of the College for its primary purpose in supporting education and research, including ensuring an education at Cambridge is available to everybody who can benefit from it, regardless of where they come from."

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Professor of Classics and Ancient History to be 52nd Master of Corpus

Corpus Christi College has announced that Professor Christopher Kelly (Trinity 1986) will succeed Stuart Laing when he retires in August 2018. Professor Kelly is currently President of Corpus and Director of Studies for Classics, and will be the College's 52nd Master. He has also previously been the College's Senior Tutor.

Professor Kelly is a past Chairman of the University's Faculty of Classics, in which he is Professor of Classics and Ancient History. He is currently editor of the Journal of Roman Studies and President of the Cambridge Philological Society.

Talking about the role of Master, he said: “I firmly believe that it is important for Corpus to promote academic excellence at all levels and to underwrite that success by increased access and outreach initiatives, and by securing additional support against the rising costs of undergraduate and graduate education. The Master is essential to the public face of the College in fostering and encouraging a wider sense of the Corpus community, especially amongst Old Members, and in ensuring that the College plays a prominent role both within and beyond the University."

"Corpus is a great college. I cherish this opportunity to serve and support its community – and to work hard to take the College forward," he added.

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