Call for contributors to Careers Service events

Call for contributors to Careers Service events

Would you like to help the next generation of students follow in your career footsteps? Perhaps you came to the Careers Service when you were at Cambridge, were inspired by hearing someone speak enthusiastically about their role or maybe you made contact with one of the alumni community for advice about a career you were thinking about. Now is your chance to do the same for current students.

Would you like to inspire others? The Careers Service needs you!

The Careers Service delivers a range of panels, recorded conversations and blogs for the next academic year and would like to hear from you if:

  • You graduated less than 10-12 years ago or are involved in recruiting for entry-level roles at your organisation
  • You are willing to speak at a panel event, write a blog, provide a case study or have a conversation with a Careers Consultant that we would record. It might even be as little as a one-sentence soundbite on a careers related subject – interviews, standing out in applications or similar.

We are particularly seeking alumni from these career areas:

  • Creative industries – media, publishing, film, TV, gaming, interior design, PR/marketing communications
  • Arts, Humanities and Social Science PhDs who are now working in non-academic research settings
  • Architecture graduates not working in architecture
  • Political risk or public affairs / lobbying or politically focused think tanks
  • International development, international organisations and charities
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion – your experience of navigating your career as a member of a group that is under-represented in your industry. Or your experience as an employer of your efforts to increase, and engaging with, diversity in your industry.

The aim of the careers programme is to give students the knowledge, insights and tips about a broad range of careers, organisations and roles so that they have the information they need to decide what career they want to follow. We also aim to broaden horizons and inspire them to think beyond the obvious careers.

If you are interested please email the Careers Service with your name, organisation, role and we will contact you to discuss options. We will get back to everyone that responds though if we have a large number this may take some time. Similarly, if many alumni respond from the same career area please don’t be disappointed if we can’t include you in the programme this year.

If you do not feel you want to contribute to the programme but would like to help students more directly consider joining our database of alumni – Alumni Careers Connect. Students would see your profile and career path to your current role and message you directly to ask their questions.