Structure and membership

Structure and membership

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Advice for helping you decide on the format of your Alumni Group 

The University doesn’t require a specific format for Groups, however, new Groups may wish to consider the following definitions:    

Society or Group  
A Society or Group focuses on supporting alumni in their region or special interest and have a committee of volunteers helping to run the Group. These Groups usually offer three or more events per year and work as an active partner of the University, supporting their initiatives. A Society or Group are able to make use of the services available from the Alumni Engagement team.  We would generally want a Group to have at least 50 contactable alumni within the region and/or area of interest.

Area Convenors or Representatives  
Usually, in cities or regions with a smaller number of alumni, Convenors may act as a source of advice and recommendations for alumni and University members who may be moving to or visiting the area.  

All recognised Groups must support the objectives and safeguard the reputation of the University  

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The University’s nature is to be as inclusive as possible and to welcome not only alumni but also friends and supporters to take part in its activities.  

These might include: 

  • partners and family of Cambridge alumni 
  • staff and former staff of the University 
  • parents of current Cambridge students 
  • visiting academics and scholars 

Alumni Groups are encouraged to follow the same principle when determining their membership criteria, however, the key principle is to enable those who feel a close connection to the University to enjoy alumni activities.  

The University requires each Group to nominate a Primary Contact who should be in regular contact with the Development and Alumni Relations office. They are responsible for keeping the University informed and up to date on the activities of the Group. 

View potential roles you could have within your Group

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