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A constitution can help provide a framework and clarify the purpose of your Alumni Group

It is recommended that Groups create and agree on a constitution in order to help provide a framework and this should be made available to all members.   

A constitution can also help to clarify the purpose and objectives of the Group. It can be useful when setting out formal procedures for dealing with any issues that may arise, and also provide a structure for succession planning.   As a minimum it is recommended to include the following:  

  • Name and remit of the Group  
  • Object / purpose of the Group  
  • Membership criteria  
  • Subscriptions  
  • Resignation of members  
  • Officers  
  • Terms of service  
  • Management of the Group  
  • Meeting information  
  • Quorum  
  • Notices  
  • Amendments of rules  
  • Dissolution  
  • Disputes and expulsion of members  

Further information and examples can be provided to Groups on request.  


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