From lectures to annual dinners, Group events provide the chance to reach out and connect with your Alumni Group

A varied events programme can help strengthen a Group’s membership by retaining existing members and attracting new members. Below are some event ideas that you could build into your Group’s calendar:

  • Academic – lecture or presentation by a visiting academic. Our new Speakers' Bureau service can help you source potential speakers for your events if required.   
  • Collaborative events – joint with another Group. This can include another Cambridge Alumni Group, or a Group from another institution e.g. Oxford, Harvard, Yale etc
  • Cultural – local museum tours, historic houses, gardens or art galleries  
  • Family – picnics, visiting a local park or family show  
  • Freshers’ events – for new students, engaging future alumni  
  • Networking – making connections and finding out more about career opportunities and experiences   
  • Outreach events – encouraging applications to the University  
  • Social – drinks receptions, informal dinners, events associated with prominent dates

University support 

Tips for making our event stand out:

  • Keep the event title short and snappy
  • Provide a contact person who can assist with inquiries
  • Use a short informative description to attract people to book
  • Be sure to note if there is a cost for the event  
  • We recommend sending a reminder or 'last chance to book' email to members around 1-2 weeks before the RSVP date of the event  
Image from the Norway Group event

Norway Cambridge Alumni Society

As the lockdown restrictions start to ease The Norway Cambridge Alumni Society recently held an in-person event. An alumni picnic and games of Molkky were played.

It is great to see some in-person events starting to take place since the coronavirus pandemic. 

Image from the Bristol and Bath Group

Cambridge Society of Bristol and Bath

The first in-person event since lockdowns began, a large group enjoyed meeting up with other alumni for a picnic. The Group picnicked with the splendid east front of Dyrham before them and enjoyed chatting to old acquaintances and meeting new people.

Sally Dore gave a bit of background to the building of Dyrham and its inhabitants, particularly William Blathwayt, Secretary at War to William III, who was responsible for rebuilding the house as we see it today