Social media

Social media

Social networks are a great way to bring a Group community together and can be an excellent tool to reach new members

Two of the most useful channels for Groups to use in engaging with alumni both socially and professionally are:


  • Groups – Place for communication and for people to share common interests. They allow people to come together around a common subject matter. A group can be made private or public
  • Pages – This works as a public profile specifically created by organisations

LinkedIn – mostly used by active professionals, using the platform to keep in touch with their professional network 

  • Groups – Enable the Group to keep an up-to-date network of alumni. The Group would also be able to search and see alumni who live close by. 

If you have any questions about social media, please contact us.

Images and copyright  

Using images in your Group’s online materials makes them visually more appealing but it can be difficult if your Group does not have a budget to pay for images, which is a common way to establish that you have permission to use the picture from the copyright owner (i.e. a ‘licence’).

Unsplash and Stock snap are both good examples of sites where images can be downloaded and crediting isn't required.

There is also a non-profit organisation called Creative Commons which has made licensing images without payment much easier by creating some standard licences describing the terms under which photographers, artists, designers, etc. are happy for a work to be used. 

For events, some venues may have approved images that can be used in your event marketing – this can be established by enquiring directly with the venue.