Traditional Punting Company

Traditional Punting Company

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The Classic Cambridge Tour: Immerse yourself in the rich history and stunning scenery of Cambridge with our Classic Cambridge Tour. This journey takes you through the heart of the city, gliding past iconic landmarks like King's College Chapel and The Bridge of Sighs. Witness the splendid Wren Library and the lush greenery that lines the banks of the Cam. Tours depart frequently throughout the day, allowing you the flexibility to fit this memorable experience into your visit.

The route we take is carefully curated to showcase the best of Cambridge's architectural and natural beauty. Each tour is led by one of our knowledgeable guides, who are not just skilled in navigating the waters but are also well-versed in the tales and secrets of Cambridge. They bring the city's history to life, sharing stories and insights that enhance the sense of connection to this historic place.

Why Choose the Traditional Punting Company: Punting with us is more than just a tour; it's an experience steeped in tradition and elegance. Our punts are specially designed for comfort and style, featuring raised seating that provides an excellent view of the surroundings. We ensure that every aspect of your journey is perfect, from the serene glide of the punt to the informative commentary of our guides.

To elevate your experience further, we offer a range of additional extras. Imagine enjoying a curated picnic basket, filled with local delicacies, as you meander through the waterways. Or perhaps toasting to a special occasion with a selection of fine beverages, making your tour a truly celebratory event. These thoughtful additions are designed to complement the scenic backdrop and add an extra layer of enjoyment to your punting experience.

Booking Your Tour: As a CAMCard holder, you're entitled to a special 15% discount on our tours from Sunday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Booking a tour with us is easy and convenient. Visit our website for Punting in Cambridge and enter the discount code during the online booking process. Please present your CAMCard upon arrival for verification.

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The Traditional Punting Company is committed to providing an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re reminiscing about your days as a student or creating new memories with your family, our punt tours offer a unique and delightful way to experience Cambridge.

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