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Hidden Cambridge

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Photos by Jeremy Peters

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Cambridge Green Badge Guide, Murray Jacobs, prides himself on creating tours that will entertain and surprise you whether you are visiting with fellow alumni or with friends/family who don’t know Cambridge so well. 

'Murray was very knowledgeable, and customised the tour of Hidden Cambridge for our group. His energy is infectious and the rain didn't dampen his spirits! He provided a great tour of the highlights of Cambridge - many thanks!'

Oliver Brew, Emmanuel 1995

'We did a 1 hour Traditional Tour with visiting family members of varied ages and all thoroughly enjoyed it. Murray did a fantastic job of including nuggets of information of interest to both the alumni / locals in the group, and the visitors from abroad. A great way to discover or rediscover our lovely city, and entertain friends and family.'

Camille Terfve, Darwin 2009

Walking tours

Tours are usually for 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours but can be longer

  1.  The Traditional Tour. This is perfect for learning about the origins of the university, getting to grips with what a “collegiate university” is and discovering the main sights of the city, both historical and modern. 
  2. The King’s College and Chapel Tour (1 hour). An excellent way to see Cambridge’s most impressive college chapel with its stunning fan-vaulted ceiling, exquisite stained-glass windows and striking stone carvings.
  3. The Off-the-Beaten-Track Tour.  As the name suggests, this will take you to a number of places that most visitors never see.  There are tales of heroism, love and betrayal - something for everyone-from history to art lovers.
  4. The Young Charles Darwin Tour (2 hours) Check “Talk details” on the Hidden Cambridge website to find out more.
  5. The Tailored Tour.  Tell us exactly what you are interested in seeing and we will do our best to organise your perfect tour.


Dog friendly tours

As featured in “The Cambridge News” and “The Cambridge Independent” this walking tour is for “Dog Lovers and their Dogs” and will include a number of rather intriguing dog stories:

  • It could be argued that one of Cambridge’s most famous buildings might never have been built if it hadn’t been for a discussion about dogs.
  • A springer spaniel, dubbed by its owner as the “dumbest dog ever”, has a close connection with one of the most unusual pieces of art in Cambridge.
  • A famous Italian painter, who seems to have painted more dogs than any of his contemporaries, is linked to a particularly well-admired structure in the city.
  • And that’s not to mention….

You can choose the length of either a 60 or 90-minute tour. 


Virtual Tours

These tours look to be entertaining, informative and interactive.  The tours incorporate Google Street View as well as PowerPoint slides.  The speaker aims to keep the audience engaged by asking various questions during the talk and afterwards is very happy to try and answer any questions the audience have.

The most popular virtual tour is “The Must-See Street in Cambridge”. This tour has been given to clubs and groups all over the UK, from north Devon to Inverness, and further afield, including Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia!

The Must-See Street in Cambridge

This virtual tour includes stories of a rather eventful visit by a monarch, student antics that hit the front pages, and intriguing details of King’s College Chapel, to name just a few.  Whether you know Cambridge well, or have never visited, this talk will whet your appetite for a return or first visit.

The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Charles Darwin in Cambridge

Why did Darwin, an undergraduate in Cambridge, say “The three years I spent in Cambridge were the most joyful of my happy life?

Why did he end up living in three different places in the city centre despite no plans whatsoever to live in two of them?

What could possibly have made him swear at Mr Harbour, and is there any truth in the suggestion that he may have inspired the TV programme “Come Dine With Me?”

The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Corporate Events

Looking for something a little different for your team to do?  Hidden Cambridge have put together a challenging and fun team-building and treasure hunt activity for up to 22 teams proving very popular with our corporate clients.  Please see details of our quest for Darwin on Hidden Cambridge’s website, or get in touch if you’d like something similar.

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