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  • Row of Cambridge students at Crag talk
  • Two ladies at the Botanic Garden tour
  • 2019 Summer Course - whole class
  • Supervisions at Summer Course 2019
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Photos by Jeremy Peters

Alumni can enjoy the discount student price for all courses

All courses are currently live online via Zoom and you can join in from anywhere in the world.

Virginia Woolf

Third Virginia Woolf Season

Woolf and Love: Live online lectures once a month from October 2022 to May 2023 Learn more

Ford Madox Brown, Work (1863)

Victorian Literature Season 

Study great Victorian novels and poetry, with Corinna Russell, Trudi Tate and Clare Walker-Gore. Live online monthly, January-November 2023. Bookings are open

Doris Lessing young typing

Other courses

  • Iris Murdoch and the Gothic, with Miles Leeson, April-May 2023. Bookings are open
  • Workshop: An Introduction to Writing Poetry: six weekly sessions with Mariah Whelan, April-June 2023. Bookings are open 
  • Doris Lessing: Women and Destiny, with Anne-Laure Brevet, September-October 2023. Bookings are open
  • Victorian Women course with Clare Walker-Gore, September-November 2023. Bookings are open
  • The Power of Women in Greek and Shakespearean Tragedy: course with Fred Parker and Jan Parker, October-December 2023. Bookings are open
  • Elizabeth von Arnim: Women and Freedom, with Isobel Maddison, November-December 2023. Bookings are open
  • Women Writers of the 1920s, with Alison Hennegan, January-February 2024. Bookings are open
  • Jane Austen: Women and Society course with Fred Parker, January-March 2024. Bookings are open
  • Sylvia Plath course with Mariah Whelan, February-March 2024. Bookings are open
Botanic Gardens

Summer Courses 2023

Literature Cambridge offers intensive, five-day summer courses with leading scholars. In 2023, the theme is Virginia Woolf's Women. The course will run twice: first live online, the second time in person in Cambridge.

Virginia Woolf's Women, live online course, 10-14 July 2023. Further information

Virginia Woolf's Women, in-person course in Cambridge, 23-28 July 2023. Further information

Alumni can enjoy the discount student price for all courses.