Pocket GCSE Latin Etymological Lexicon

Pocket GCSE Latin Etymological Lexicon

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Author: Caroline K. Mackenzie (Pembroke 1991)

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

Looking at your Latin GCSE vocab list and wondering where to start? Teaching yourself Latin and wanting a refresher on some of the most common Latin words? Interested in how Latin can help us better understand the meaning of modern English? Then this is the book for you!

- Includes every word in the GCSE vocabulary lists of OCR and Eduqas.
- Each word is parsed and translated.
- Derivatives given include everyday ones and some surprises.
- Space is offered for you to annotate as you learn - and note other derivatives you may come across too!
- A concise introduction, glossary and appendices support the word lists.
- With 20 illustrations by Amanda Short.

Essential for GCSE revision, this short book is a 'vade mecum' for all learners of Latin as well as cruciverbalists.

'Declensions have for some proved to be the instrument of their ascent. 'Pari passu' and 'mutatis mutandis', that will indubitably be true for every lector of Caroline Mackenzie's brilliant Latin compendium.' Professor Paul Cartledge, University of Cambridge.

' 'Carpe verba'! (Grasp the words!) A hugely fun and useful tool for Latin learners. I wish I'd had this book when I was learning Latin.' Caroline Lawrence, author of 'The Roman Mysteries'.

'This is just the ticket for GCSE students and crossword addicts alike.' Dr John Taylor, University of Manchester.

Caroline K. Mackenzie is a private tutor in Latin and Greek and an independent scholar, based in the UK. She previously worked as a lawyer and taught as a Head of Classics. Her publications include Culture and Society at Lullingstone Roman Villa (Archaeopress, 2019).

Publication date: 
Thursday 8 September 2022

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