Leaving Academia: Ditch the blanket, take the skills

Leaving Academia: Ditch the blanket, take the skills

A blue book cover with the title in white lettering. A sketch of a blanket sails off in the distance.

Author: Dr Emma Williams (Christ's 1990)

Publisher: Intellectual Perspective Press

Have you reached the heady heights of Peak Postdoc? Or are you experiencing the ‘meh’ of the Postdoc Plateau? Or has the doom spiral of the Postdoc Plummet begun?

As a researcher, you are called to investigate, discover and reveal. A skilful vocation leverages your skill set to build a career that serves a larger purpose. Your research brings value to your discipline, your institution and society at large. You chose academic research for a myriad of great reasons. Stopping to take stock of whether academia is still delivering for you is important but gets put on the bottom of the to-do list.

Are you thriving or feeling slowly smothered by the itchy, scratchy academic comfort blanket? You’ve spent years getting educated, learning how to be a researcher in your discipline – it is a finely woven blanket of skills, experiences, triumphs and tribulations. You have earnt you place here in academia but is it still the right place for you?

Read this book and choose to stay. Brilliant.
Read this book and choose to leave. Brilliant.
But stop, look around, understand where you are and make a positive, proactive career choice. This book can help you.

Publication date: 
Monday 29 April 2024

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