In and Around Cambridge in the 1960s

In and Around Cambridge in the 1960s

In and Around Cambridge in the 1960s

Author: Richard Gaunt (Corpus 1966)

Publisher: Fonthill Media

In and Around Cambridge in the 1960s is a unique book showing the iconic university city from different angles. Striking, previously unpublished photographs, show famous buildings as well as the river, backstreets and small towns, villages and countryside. Students and distinguished members of staff are here with builders, shoppers in the market and men from gasworks. This was a time of demos, protests and disruption to established academic traditions. The author draws on various sources to illustrate ‘official’ concerns at the time with major worries about overreactions triggering widespread unrest. However, he also draws on personal recollections as a Cambridge student, together with anecdotes from others and archive material to suggest that most students were far more interested in the quality of meals they were served and the state of the showers. Cambridge students from any generation, and anyone else who knows the city or wants to know more about life in Britain in the 1960s, will find themselves entertained and challenged.

Publication date: 
Thursday 28 July 2016

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