Feeling Heard, Hearing Others

Feeling Heard, Hearing Others

Feeling Heard, Hearing Others

Author: Robert Foxcroft (Emmanuel 1971)

Publisher: Antonine Books

When you feel heard a silence falls.

In that silence more may come.

Often it is something deeper: you can feel it

Just now forming at the edge of being.

Feeling Heard, Hearing Others is a book about empathy, self-empathy, and the act of listening. It will appeal to anybody who likes to listen to other people. The book makes one central claim and asks one key question: 

"The habit of listening to other people will transform you – the listener – in deeper and better ways than anything else can do. Is there anything more likely than listening to bring peace in the heart – happiness in the family – or healing in the world?"

Feeling Heard, Hearing Others is available from Antonine Books at £20.00 (+ P & P). Email: rob@robfoxcroft.com/book

Publication date: 
Sunday 17 June 2018

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