Book cover shows a swan sailing across rippled water as musical notes rise from the surface.

Author: Henry Disney (Sidney Sussex 1959)

Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing

The final collection of poems by a scientist and poet near the end of an extraordinary life. The poems are poignant and straight to the point. There are no shades of grey. You will either concur with the poet or you may beg to differ, but you will not be neutral. Comments cover politics, current conflicts across the world, impacts of climate change and other concerns, which are treated with clarity and insight. You will be moved, you will be challenged and you will be stirred. The poems reflect on unusual incidents in the poet's life and comments on contemporary concerns of life today.

Henry Disney has been writing poems since his youth, with his first collection being published in 1963.

Henry is a Zoolology Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge Department of Zoology. 


Publication date: 
Thursday 21 March 2024
13: 9781782284994

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