Exposure: Forty Poems by Jonathan Steffen

Exposure: Forty Poems by Jonathan Steffen

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Author: Jonathan Steffen (King's 1978)

Publisher: Falcon Editions

Exposure brings together 40 poems written by Jonathan Steffen over a period of 30 years. It also brings these poems together with forty photographs by different photographers from around the world.

The poems in Exposure lay bare the endless range of emotions triggered by love. Some of them have previously appeared in anthologies and magazines; others are published here for the first time ever. Each poem has been matched with the original work of a contemporary photographer that illustrates some aspect of the text, providing a powerful commentary on the verse.

The poems and photographs form 40 unique double-page spreads that together create a kaleidoscope of what it means to seek, have and lose love.

Publication date: 
Saturday 1 September 2012

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