A Force That Takes

A Force That Takes

a force that takes cover

Author: Edward Ragg (Selwyn 1999)

Publisher: Cinnamon Press

In Edward Ragg’s poetry an extraordinary creative pressure is brought to bear on language to convey what ‘Note on Text’ calls the ‘silent messages / surrounding the truth of words’. Thoughtful, honed and exact, the depths of Ragg’s reflections are matched by the delicacy and precision of his metaphorical language. In poems that move from contemporary Beijing to Vancouver to rural England – or even Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley’ (‘Chateau Musar’) – the compelling force in operation is one that questions dichotomies. Rootedness and tradition do not so much vie with modernity, exemplified by the hectic pace of contemporary Chinese city life, but rather interweave with it, like cutting-edge architecture on ancient vine stocks, revealing a distinctive voice and vision. A Force That Takes introduces a vigorous new voice to poetry; a force to be reckoned with.

Publication date: 
Thursday 18 April 2013

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