Dr Rowena E Archer

Dr Rowena E Archer

Dr Rowena E Archer is a Fellow and lecturer at Brasenose College and lecturer at Christ Church College, Oxford.

Her initial research focussed on the Late Medieval English Nobility during the Hundred Years War with France but she was soon drawn towards the experiences of women.

She has now published on a wide variety of aspects of women’s lives making particular use of the work of the late fourteenth century Franco-Italian writer Christine de Pisan, and is currently starting a study on the impact of the Anglo-French wars on women. She has a particular interest in Henry V and Agincourt.

She teaches French History from 1000 – 1500 and runs a specialist course on Joan of Arc (born in Lorraine) and her Age, 1419-1435.

Dr Archer is Director of the long running Medieval Studies Programme for the Cambridge International Summer Schools and regularly teaches at Madingley Hall. She travels to France at least twice a year, partly for work and partly for pleasure.

  • Lecturer in Medieval History, University of Oxford

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