2018 Boat Race Dinner

2018 Boat Race Dinner

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Read about the Cambridge Society of Australia (Victoria) Inc's recent Boat Race Dinner.

The Boat Race dinner, which included the viewing of the 2018 men’s and women’s boat races. was held at the Savage Club again this year, thanks to the courtesy of Dr Jeremy Adams. 55 people attended the dinner of whom 17 were Oxford supporters. It was a marvellous occasion, with many rowing blazers being worn by the members and guests, which made it all very colourful.

For a change, the men’s race was shown first with Kris Coventry, a 2003 and 2004 Cambridge rowing Blue, giving an excellent commentary on the race and the success of the Cambridge men’s crew with its three Americans, winning by three lengths. He also philosophised on the exciting and jubilant rowing team attitude towards winning, in contrast to the shame of the Australian cricket team in South Africa which proved a good talking point at dinner.

The women’s race was shown during the excellent dinner. Alice Fraser, the Cambridge comedian who had just joined us from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, gave a humorous commentary on how wonderful it was to see the Cambridge women’s crew winning by seven lengths, and how good it was to see both races now using the same River Thames course and being run on the same day.

Both the Patron and President were in attendance and due praise was given to Peter Adams who organised the event and to the Savage Club staff who provided the usual excellent service, cuisine and ambiance which made the event so enjoyable, even for the Oxford attendees.