New login screen for Raven users

New login screen for Raven users

If you log in to this website using Raven, or, you’ll see a different login screen soon.

After entering your CRSid or email address, you won’t see the ‘Legacy Raven’ login screen any more: 

Screenshot of the old login screen with the Raven logo

Instead, you’ll see the new 'University account' sign-in page, where you can enter your or email address to log in using the same password as normal. This is the same screen you already see if you’re using webmail: 

New University account login page

No problem. You can still register for our website using your personal email address, or, as usual.

If you graduated before summer 2018, and you log in using ‘Raven for Life’, then you’ll need to register using your personal email address or a account instead. We’ll let you know when you log in if this is the case. Find out more…