Overview of Freshers' Events

Overview of Freshers' Events

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Birmingham Freshers' Event

      Why host a Freshers' Event?

      Many Alumni Groups host pre-arrival Freshers’ Events in August and September for students starting a course at the University in Michaelmas Term. Freshers’ Events provide an opportunity for incoming students to make new friends, ask questions and get an idea of what to expect when they arrive. Attendees can benefit greatly from speaking to current students, recent graduates and alumni offering information and advice about living and studying at Cambridge.

      Groups can benefit enormously from hosting a Freshers' Event

      • They are fun and easy to organise
      • You will make a direct and considerable difference towards helping new students prepare for university
      • They provide an opportunity for your Group to engage with students and keep in touch with the University. Attendees could be future members of the Group
      • You can rally organisational help from other Group members and involve volunteers, such as current students and recent graduates, to help out on the day
      • You will be supported every step of the way by the University’s Alumni Engagement team and/or Cambridge in America

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      Consider co-hosting

      Why not team up with another individual or group to co-host the event? Potential co-hosts could be another Alumni Group, a Cambridge student society (www.societies.cam.ac.uk or www.cusu.co.uk/directory), or (UK only) the College Schools Liaison Officer (also known as Area Link) for your area.

      Co-hosting offers several advantages, including:

      • Shared resources
      • Increased event publicity
      • Offering a more diverse perspective of Cambridge to those attending
      • Building useful collaborations

      You are welcome to contact the appropriate team to discuss co-hosting.

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      Joint Cambridge and Oxford events

      Guidance will be available here before March 2019.

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        Not sure whether to host a Freshers' Event?

        Why not contact one of last year’s organisers with your questions, or attend one of this year’s events for inspiration? Simply contact the appropriate team to be put in touch with an experienced organiser. 2019 events will be listed on the Freshers' Events web page from mid-July.

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        Highlights from 2018

        • 51 events were hosted: 20 in the UK and 31 across 23 other countries
        • Events were attended by 748 incoming students - an increase of 1% on last year
        • 93% of organisers and 88% of incoming students who completed a follow-up survey were either very satisfied or satisfied with the event they either hosted or attended
        • The organiser of the Northumbrian Cambridge Association won a £50 Ryder & Amies voucher, having submitted his attendee registration form within seven days of his event
        • 266 current students and recent graduates registered with the Alumni Engagement team to volunteer at a Freshers’ Event - an increase of 116% on last year

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          Testimonials from last year's organisers

          • “We had a record number attending our event and received some very positive feedback. I am grateful for the support from the University.” – David Bonner, Cambridge Society of Kent
          • “Eleven freshers came up to the event. All of them were very happy with the presentation made and with the possibility of being in touch with other freshers before they go to Cambridge.” – Andreia Costa Vieira, Cambridge University Brazilian Alumni – São Paulo
          • “The Freshers' Event pack is a great addition – comprehensive and full of useful hints and advice.” – Tony Banton, Cambridge Society of Paris

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          Testimonials from last year's attendees

          • “It was great to meet not only the other students going to Cambridge but some alumni from college and hometown.” – Attendee, Perth event
          • “The hosts were exceptionally nice and well-prepared, and the event served its purpose well – I got to know fellow fresheres (sic) and feel more at ease about starting.” – Attendee, Poland event
          • “It was a great opportunity to get to know other Austrians starting at Cambridge and receive some useful tips before departure to the UK.” – Attendee, Austria event
          • “It made me less nervous about the prospect of knowing no one at university. I got to meet some people that are able to be familiar faces now I've arrived.” – Attendee, Surrey event

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