International hospitality

International hospitality

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Our worldwide network of alumni groups offers a wide range of hospitality and assistance to travelling Cambridge alumni, students and academics.

Our alumni groups form a remarkable network of friendly and engaged alumni sharing a passion for and commitment to Cambridge. This commitment extends to helping fellow alumni, students and academics travelling in their regions. Most groups are able to offer a range of advice, hospitality and assistance to visitors. Some examples include:

  • Providing local information 
  • Meeting for coffee/ drinks
  • Giving a personal tour 
  • Helpful contacts
  • Finding places to stay

So whether you are looking for cocktails in Delhi or dog-sledding in Russia, you might like to think of the alumni group network as a Cambridge alumni alternative to Trip Advisor!

How to find out more

  1. Find the nearest alumni group to your destination
  2. Contact the group's representative directly

Please bear in mind that not all alumni groups are able to offer all services. Groups are run entirely by volunteers, who kindly offer their personal advice and assistance. They are not affiliated to, and receive no financial reward or support from, the University of Cambridge.

Share your experiences

With such a wide range of alumni groups around the world the possibilities are endless. We’d be delighted to receive photos and reports of your own visit to an alumni group - send them by email, or share them with us on Facebook or Twitter.