Mindfulness After Cam - four-week mindfulness course

Mindfulness After Cam - four-week mindfulness course

Mindfulness After Cam - four-week mindfulness course
Wednesday 20 April 2022 to Sunday 15 May 2022
Past event
Past event
Wednesday 20 April 2022 to Sunday 15 May 2022
  • Meditation
Hosted by Mindfulness After Cam
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Alumni and guests

Mindfulness After Cam are pleased to share with you a new book and associated mindfulness course called Journeys to the Deep, written by Dr Elizabeth English, Cambridge University Mindfulness Practitioner. This four-week mindfulness course will expand on what you have previously learnt and promote a gentle and creative approach to meditation.

Each week there will be two sessions held via Zoom to choose from, which you can attend flexibly based on your availability.

7.30pm-8.45pm (BST) on Wednesdays/Sundays 
Week 1: Wednesday 20 April/Sunday 24 April
Week 2: Wednesday 27 April/Sunday 1 May
Week 3: Wednesday 4 May/Sunday 8 May
Week 4: Wednesday 11 May/Sunday 15 May

Journeys to the Deep: Meditating creatively
This four-week course is based on Elizabeth’s slim volume, 'Journeys to the Deep: A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness Meditation' which you read at a leisurely pace during the four weeks. As you absorb and discuss the topics in the book, you may also choose to follow a practice Elizabeth describes in her book, which is to take time after a meditation to reflect on your experience, possibly in writing, colour or music – whatever supports your own journey into your inner world.

The first week is based on Elizabeth’s Preface, as you reflect on your own pathways. Week two explores ‘Setting out’ (Chapter 1), creative approaches to meditation. Week three looks at two essential ingredients of meditation, ‘Curiosity and Enjoyment’ (Chapter 2). And the final week delves into the subtlety of ‘Listening Within’ (Chapter 3).

About the Teacher
This course is taught by Dr Elizabeth English, author of 'Journeys to the Deep: A Gentle Guide to Mindfulness Meditation'. Elizabeth was appointed Cambridge University’s first ever Mindfulness Practitioner in 2014. Her courses are the subject of research published in The Lancet showing significant benefit to students. Elizabeth draws on four decades of personal meditation practice and her ordination within a Western Buddhist tradition, as well as her doctoral research at Oxford, where she studied Buddhist meditation texts. She is also a certified teacher of Mindfulness, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing and Nonviolent Communication. Her approach focuses on a relaxed approach to meditation, which avoids pitfalls such as forcing the mind or meditating in ways that makes meditation difficult to continue. With her particular interest in trauma therapies, Elizabeth offers a sensitive approach to difficulties and painful experience. For more about Elizabeth English and her publications, please visit her website.

Booking information

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