Luxembourg - Oxford and Cambridge Benelux-Rhineland Reunion

Luxembourg - Oxford and Cambridge Benelux-Rhineland Reunion

Luxembourg - Oxford and Cambridge Benelux-Rhineland Reunion
Friday 6 May 2022 to Sunday 8 May 2022
Past event
Past event
Friday 6 May 2022 to Sunday 8 May 2022
  • Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM) and the Dräi Eechelen fortress
Hosted by Cambridge Society of Luxembourg
Open to: 
Alumni and guests

The Oxford University Society and the Cambridge Society of Luxembourg, are inviting members of the Oxford and Cambridge University alumni associations in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Rhineland, as well as our own members here in Luxembourg, to come together over the weekend from the evening of Friday, 6th May to Sunday 8th May, 2022 in Luxembourg for an interesting programme of cultural and social events and activities.

The purpose of the weekend is to enable members of our associations to meet together in a congenial atmosphere to experience the many and varied attractions that Luxembourg has to offer, as well as to enjoy a number of high-quality social functions


Friday 6 May: The weekend’s activities start at 19:30 with a Brazilian Dinner and Dancing at Maria Bonita restaurant in the Rives de Clausen. We anticipate that there will be opportunities for those who want to receive instruction in salsa and samba!

Saturday 7 May: Morning – Guided Visits to the Grand-Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art, Dräi Eechelen Museum of the history of the fortress of Luxembourg, and/or fortifications of Luxembourg.

  • Afternoon: Plenary session at the Cercle Cité - Introduction by Catherine Léglu, Vice-Rector, University of Luxembourg – Presentations on the European Court of Justice (Sir Nicholas Forwood), the European Court of Auditors (Geoffrey Simpson) and the European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund (Francis Carpenter)
  • Visit to Chambre des Députés and talk by Dan Schmit
  • Organ recital at St. Michel Church
  • Evening: Black-tie Gala Dinner at Cercle Münster – Speaker, Martine Reicherts, President of the Fonds National de la Recherche Chair of St Paul and former European Commissioner and Director General of the Commission. She will speak on “Innovation in Luxembourg”

Sunday 8 May: Options: Tour of Luxembourg Ville, including the Vauban casemates (UNESCO World Heritage site) with a qualified guide.

  • Visit to a Moselle Vineyard for lunch, wine-tasting, and a walk amongst the vines.

Monday 9 May  Should any participants wish to stay until Monday, 9 May (Europe Day), they will be directed to Esch-sur-Alzette, European City of Culture 2022 where the European Commission will be organizing the Europe Day activities, and to the Belval Campus of the University of Luxembourg.

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Booking information

If you would like to attend some or all of the activities. Please contact John Speed on the link below, he would be pleased to show you how to take part.

Booking for this event is now closed.