Cambridge University Freshers' Events

Cambridge University Freshers' Events

Cambridge University Freshers' Events

event Tuesday 1 August to Saturday 30 September 2023
event Tuesday 1 August to Saturday 30 September 2023
  • Barcelona Freshers Event

Barcelona Freshers' Event

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Postgraduate students

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Freshers' Events

Around the world in August and September, University Alumni Groups host Freshers’ Events for new undergraduate and postgraduate students starting a course at Cambridge this autumn. These optional events are a great opportunity to speak to current and former students about their experiences of Cambridge and meet other new starters. Events are in-person or online, as stated. 

These events are not intended to provide information about what the academic year will look like in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Please visit or contact your College or Faculty/Department for such information.

Can't find an event near you?

If you're unable to attend a Freshers’ Event, or can’t find one near you, why not contact any of the 420+ Alumni Groups worldwide to ask about their experiences of Cambridge.

Testimonials from last year's attendees

“Informative and reassuring. Particularly useful for freshers who feel anxious about starting University.” – Attendee, North West England event

“It allowed me to ask questions that could not have been answered by general guides for international students.” – Attendee, Poland event

“It has put me in touch with other Welsh students and made me feel a bit less nervous about the workload.” – Attendee, South Wales event

"The speakers were very friendly and informative; the small size of the event allowed us to ask questions without feeling too self-conscious.” – Attendee, Devon event

“It was great meeting new people from the Oxbridge network.” – Attendee, Ontario event


Please email the University’s Alumni Engagement team at with your questions about Freshers’ Events.