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Update your details

New graduates

If you have just updated your details on CamSIS then you don't need to complete this form. You will receive a welcome mailing, including a CAMCard, shortly after your graduation ceremony.

Former Cambridge Postdocs

Had a letter or email from us?

We're delighted to hear from you - please scroll down to the former postdocs section of the form below and fill in the details you'd like us to use for future communications and sending you your CAMCard.

Just getting back in touch?

If you haven't heard from us, please contact us for initial verification. Please ensure that you provide the dates of your last postdoc position, CRSid (if known) and the Department where you worked, as these might be needed to assist with the provision of benefits to you.

You'll receive a welcome letter or email from us (Development and Alumni Relations) detailing the application procedures for the various benefits and services.

Your details

We are proud of our alumni and want to stay in touch with you. Please provide all the information you are able to, in order to help us verify your registration. If your details have changed we will use the information you provide here to update our database.

We aim to process this submission within 10 working days.

Your preferred name, if different from your legal first name.
For example your maiden name.
You can find your alumni number on emails from us, on the sheet which has your address on with your copy of the alumni magazine (CAM) or your CAMCard.
Your Cambridge CRSid, also your Raven username, eg: ab123
Cambridge education
The first College you attended at Cambridge.
The year you first studied at Cambridge.
Former Cambridge Postdocs
Name of the most recent department you were a postdoc at.
My contact information
If you provide your telephone number we will assume that this overrides any Telephone Preference Service (TPS) registration.
Please select whether this is your home or work address.
CAMCards are produced in batches towards the end of each calendar month. Depending on the timing of your request (and whether a card needs to be posted internationally), the maximum period it may take to reach you is approximately six weeks. If you will be visiting Cambridge and need your CAMCard to qualify for a discount or visit a College before a mailed card is likely to reach your address, please do not tick the box below, but email contact@alumni.cam.ac.uk at least five working days in advance and we will arrange to send your personalised CAMCard to our office, or your College, for collection.

See our data protection statement for details of how we process and hold your data. By submitting this form you are also agreeing to our terms and conditions.

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